Introducing: AI☀️Summer Survey

🇦🇹 Community Insights: Charting the Hype (AI’s Business Potential)

As the dynamic world of AI continues to evolve, staying informed about the latest trends and opportunities is crucial. We are excited to announce the launch of the AI☀️Summer Survey: 🇦🇹 Community Insights, set for release on September.

This comprehensive survey aims to gather and share valuable insights from the local AI community, providing a holistic view of the current landscape and future directions of AI technology.

What to Expect:

🌍 Market Opportunity Evaluating AI’s Business Impact

🚀 Top AI Applications Highlighting Promising Use Cases

🔍 Deployment Insights Examining AI Implementation

🛑 Overcoming Barriers Addressing AI Adoption Challenges

Insights for All

This survey is designed for everyone involved in the AI ecosystem, from developers and data scientists to business leaders and policymakers. By participating and accessing the survey results, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge to navigate the AI landscape more effectively.

Add your insights by taking the 10-minute AI survey and help the community to make informed decisions that drive progress and success. To be released: released September 2024!

Selected Stats

From international Surveys.

Image references from Zeigeist report 05/2024.

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